TA section



Currently, I am the TA for AMS 10. Here is the information about my TA section and office hour:

  • TA section: Thu 10-11:45AM, Social  Science building 1,  Room 110.
  • Office Hour: Tue 10-12PM , Baskin Engineering 1, Room 312C/D.
  • Additional Consult: Making reservation by e-mail: yzhu22@ucsc.edu.

I am very willing to provide help beside TA section and office hour, please make reservation through e-mail. In principle,  You can also ask me any questions through email (I will try to reply ASAP, if you do not get reply within 1 day, please send an email to me again).  I prefer face by face talking when you are in trouble with some conceptual or theoretical stuff since e-mail normally cannot deliver information quite well in this case.

Here I will weekly post the content notice of my TA section in Thursday.

  • Week 1
  • Review of basic algebra, complex numbers, solving linear equations.
  • Introduction of linear algebra, its source, application and importance.
  • Introduction of AMS 10, Basic information about instructor, TA.

  • Week 2

  • Review of the complex variables
  • HW1- Chosen problems


  • Week 3
  • Quizz 1 review
  • System of linear equations review
  • Question time

Here I will weekly post the related material of the class, including selected solutions to Homework and other material I found which might be of help in your study.

  • Week 1

Some students asked me about the application of linear algebra. To be honest, it is hard to explain to beginners that how to apply something like  matrix multiplication to real life. But there are things I can provide:

  1. Linear algebra has been applied almost everywhere in science and engineering, further learning of other classes will let you know how the linear algebra applied there.
  2. Go to links like application of linear algebra, or search this in google. Many practical examples are offered to show you the application.
  3. Mathematics is a subject which deals with abstract stuff. A lot of concepts and definitions are abstract but they were developed for practical purposes.

Other stuff:

As your TA, I am also responsible for your mental health. Feel free to tell me anytime & anywhere when you are facing possible mental crisis such as depression, anxiety from your personal life or classes

Wish you guys have fun in this class !